“Products are created in the factory, but brands are created in the mind” - Walter Lander

When your business is here for the long haul, making a memorable mark on your customers through your name, logo and taglines help them recognize your company. Branding is key to marketing as it distinguishes your company from your competitors in the market.

Customers are more conscious about the brand that they follow than they have been in the past. As the number of firms in an industry multiplies, it is harder to set them apart. Branding rescues a company from this dilemma, it is the set of actions that you take to create a public profile for your company.

The collection of tangible elements such as logo, colors, typography, and voice that are put together to create a unique brand image is called the brand identity. It is a symbol of what your company stands for. It should effortlessly represent who you are as a business and how you wish to be perceived by your audience. If you stay authentic and justify your company’s core values through your brand identity, the outcomes will be positive.

What comes to our mind when we hear the brand names like Adidas, Nike or Quechua? Their logo, obviously! When you sell multiple products, a logo is the only element that is found uniform throughout. If their experience with your company has been satisfactory, your clients will recommend you the next time someone they know asks for a product or service you offer.Logo designs are pivotal in leaving a lasting impression on the clients.

Customers tend to buy products that are fairly easy to recall from memory. A company’s logo should be both eye-catching and simple. It should also be consistent with the other elements of your brand identity in terms of color, design, and tone. If your logo is unique, it will perform better as compared to your competitors in the market.

Who would want to do business with an inanimate object without feelings? Tell your brand story to your clients through a public profile and they will connect with you more on a personal level. Facebook or website cover videos that retell your journey as a business or your goals as an enterprise are sure to spur an emotional response in the audience. This strategy has worked wonders throughout the history of marketing.

In short, brand identity can be built in a variety of ways. It may be through your name, logo, video or even merchandise. It takes a good amount of brainstorming to craft a perfect brand identity that sells. You don’t have to go for all of them at once, take your time and choose a few that are relevant to your business and the clients. You will see that it pays off in the end.

You need professionals who are willing to take the time to learn more about your company and values to create a perfect branding solution. Bandse has helped businesses reach their potential customers through our expertise in designing and marketing. If you need to send the right message to your audience rather than being all over the place, reach out to us.