There is a reason why people come to our website, they are looking for information. The strategy of employing content to promote a website is called content marketing. From the age of blogs and articles as the primary format of content, the internet has slowly moved onto video content due to the rising popularity of the latter among all age groups.

Visual content marketing is central to your digital marketing strategy on every platform and channel, whether it is your website or social media profiles. Confused about incorporating videos in your campaigns? Here are a few statistics that will change your perception of video as a tool for content marketing.

  • 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text
  • Infographics can improve website traffic by 12%
  • 80% of what you see is stored in the memory
  • Conversion is increased by 86% when videos are used on the landing page .
  • Only 20% of the text content on a webpage is read by the average users
  • Landing pages with videos are 40 times more shareable.

There is a surge in the use of videos as a strategy for content marketing since 2016 in India. This can be owed to the price drop in the internet and data charges the year witnessed due to the trend JIO network introduced. Today, People watch and engage with videos than they have ever been in the past.

50% of clients want to learn more about your brand through videos rather than any other type of content. And 90% of them say, videos help them make purchasing decisions. Why is that so? High-quality videos attract the audience, engage with them, and are easy to be retained in the memory.

The reason why visual content is preferred over written content is because of the way our mind processes images and videos. This happens in a less busy part of the brain - the cortex. Our aim should be to create content that engages the visual cortex of our audience. For eg, when we insert a few infographics in a long article, it gives the audience the message that the content is more comprehensible and easy to skim through.

You can incorporate a variety of videos on your website and social media profiles. Cover video on the landing page of a website and on Facebook introduces your company and the services that you offer to a new customer in less than a few minutes. You can also shoot testimonial videos to make your brand more credible. If you want to launch a new product, make a product description video. People are more likely to share these videos on social media platforms, resulting in increased brand awareness.

To sum it up, if you haven’t still made use of visual content as a marketing strategy, you are falling behind. Discover how to use visual content to promote your business with Bandse. We have a team of designers and editors who deal with the top-notch cameras and editing tools in the market to perfect the art of creating engaging and appealing visual content. If you need to take your campaigns to the next level, give us a call.